Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pop's Famous Chick N' Wings: Where Wings Matter Most!

Where to eat in Cebu? More specifically, where to eat in Talamban, Cebu City? 
One of the famous landmarks in this northern territory of the metro is the University of San Carlos-Technological Center. Although the said institution is known for housing most of the really rich and privileged students in Cebu and its neighboring islands, there are still a handful of students in this school who wish to spend less for their lunch.  This entails having access to good quality food and a pleasant dining ambiance without ending up with a completely empty pocket.

This is where Pop's Famous Chick N' Wings enters the scene. The second business venture of Lutherese Noel Legarde (the first being Popeye's Grill House in Mango), this restaurant is the answer to Popeye's customers who have been asking about the availability of their chicken wings for lunch. Since Mango Avenue is the heart of night life activities in Cebu City, it is natural for the establishments in the area to open for business once the sun has set. A number of regulars at Popeye's loved their chicken wings and requested that they made available even during non-nightlife hours. Thus, the opening of Pop's Famous Chick N' Wings last May 27, 2012 at its location right across the USC-TC campus.

The guests during the opening/blessing

Entry Point

Chili Buffalo


Mashed Potatoes

Counter dining area 

A portion of their menu (on the wall)

 Wall Decors - Interesting And Cool Graphics 

With new friends

Now, this is the first time that EatCebu was invited to something like this. Truly exciting!

A fellow blogger, JG, sent EatCebu an invite to this event after she went through the EatCebu site. The whole programme included a short blessing conducted by a priest from USC-TC followed by a sumptuous mid-afternoon delight for me and Mr Kyme. It consist of the ever-present lechon and puso. I was into the chicken wings though, which is pointed out to be one of their specialties. I am fond of chicken but not really into wings simply because I want more meat in what I eat. I am not sure how or why, but their wings definitely had a lot more of it. The sauce is really exciting especially since I really like hot and spicy dishes. The spaghetti, which I think is not really in their regular menu, was surprisingly good. Mr Kyme sure had a good amount of it. What I truly had fun with was the mashed potatoes. Their menu says mashed pop-tatoes. I was a bit hesitant to have a taste of it at first coz it looked a bit different. When I asked Ms Legarde about it, she said the mashed potato ended up grated after one of the crew was running out of time in prepping it. She apologized about it and gave assurance that they would be serving the mashed variety on regular days. Honestly, I kind of like the uniqueness that the grated potato had with it.

The location is pretty nice. It is right by the highway, so finding it does not have to require so much effort. It is clean and airconditioned, the perfect place to be on sunny and hot school days.

As for the service, there is not much I or Mr Kyme can say. It was their first day, so I do not think it is fair to judge their service based on that first visit. Hence, we are planning to get back there in the next couple of weeks, bring around some chicken-loving friends and see how they are doing. We would be posting about their service after such time.

That being said, this is it for now. To try their affordable chicken wings in Chili Buffalo, Sweet Soy Garlic, Cajun Flavor and Spicy Jerky Sauce, check out Pop's Famous Chick N' Wings right across the USC-TC campus in Talamban, Cebu City.

Talamban, Cebu City
Store Hours: 10AM - 10PM
Contact #: (032) 318-6060


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